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Hello, My name is Anne-Marie, I have a Gastric Sleeve, and I had my Surgery in March 2018 in Turkey where I live. It is the best decision I ever made and the biggest gift that I gave to myself. My only regret is why did I not do this sooner.

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I'm sharing what I learnt during my very own gastro sleeve op journey, but also how I approach other aspects of life such as nutrition, confidence, makeup; all sprinkled with lots of encouragement along the way.

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I’ve always taken an interest in self-improvement with a focus on creating a happy life. It’s about investing in ourselves, both externally and internally, to reach our best self yet. That’s what I want to share with you!

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Why not join this community where you can chat to fellow Gastric Sleeve patients about their journey of having a sleeve. Or are you considering having weight loss surgery and you are looking for answers to the endless questions about having weight loss surgery? This is a friendly page to meet with some like-minded people and for your questions to be answered.