I remember the 30th Birthday...

I had booked a costly session of toning tables, another endless fad that was going on at the time to lose weight. The pounds were creeping up and I was now uncomfortable at 11 stone if only it had stopped there, I continued gaining weight until I was 14 and a half stone and so unhappy and tired and fed up. Even my pleasure of Makeup which has always cheered me up seemed to make me look worse and feel worse it just screamed look at my big face. I had tried everything and I was stuck!

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With my Dr
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Going out was a mission to try on so many outfits to see which did not look so bad and numerous changes to find something to wear to cover my body rather than to look nice in my outfit was a misery.

I was bloated and my face and neck were the worst part for me, now I can see in older pre-surgery photos that my stomach was just huge! I know at the time I was aware of it but not so much as I can see it now.

I had tried everything and was no longer even losing any weight it was heartbreaking.
Then one day in 2017 as I was looking on Facebook...
I saw a photo of a friend on Facebook and I did not recognise her! she was so different Tiny, elf-like, younger-looking and she looked so healthy and happy.

I waited and waited and then I thought I need to ask her what she has done to lose the weight. I would say she had lost half of her self and I was keen to learn how.

So she said "I have had weight loss surgery and I have lost 100 pounds!" and I said" Please Feray, can I talk about how you did this".

I tell you, I met her that week and I questioned how I could have it done and she helped me by making the call to the hospital so I could find out more I was able to talk to the surgeon. I did not expect to get all of the answers to the tons of questions I had, but at the end of that day I had all the answers to my questions and I knew I wanted to do this! so I booked in for my surgery and here we are.

I did lots of preparation I stocked up on the clear liquid ingredients to make the first-week soup and froze them then week 2 and 3 and 4 so I was ready with my supplies.
I then did tons of reading and watching everything I could, to gain an insight into what others were saying about having a Gastric Sleeve.

So I had my surgery in March 2018 which was successful and that is how I turned my life around in less than a year I had made my goal weight. I only wanted to be a regular size person I had no wish to be stick thin so I am delighted with the results. I think at my age it is perfect for my frame and height at the age of 55. I weighed 60 KG that is 9 stone 4 in February 2019.

I can honestly say I wish I had done it sooner as I would have been so much happier for the last 20 odd years but.. I thought this was only available for extreme cases or rich people. My joy was I could afford this and do this and I did qualify for weight loss surgery without breaking the bank. The average surgery I now know is someone who is 35 to 60 years old and they are about 5 to 6 stone overweight and like me stuck and scared that they will keep on gaining even more weight.
I wanted to nurture myself and that is exactly what I have done. If you prepare well its easy and fun and delicious way of eating like never before.

Self-care is my new life and it just takes a little thought and then it becomes the regular routine in your life.

Wishing You everything you wish for your self.

Anne-Marie Canny

Just a fellow sleever trying to share my journey to make yours easier.