It is the hardest part preparing for those first 3 weeks after surgery...

I was more nervous about getting through the first 3 weeks and getting it right than the surgery itself.
I know it sounds weird but that was the bit that I felt a little lost with I could not imagine sticking to 1 thing to have as my meal for week 1. I mean how is it going to be just sipping clear soup and the question if I will be hungry and do something daft!

So I needed to be organised and so I prepared the chicken broth and I did it in different ways as I have shown on the YouTube video of how to make clear liquid for week 1 after Gastric Sleeve surgery.

I also spoke with my dietician and she told me I could drink Iced Tea or full 100% Fruit Juice or Herbal Tea and iced lollies.

Plus Water of course!

Then it was what on earth am I going to have for Full Liquid week 2.
So I knew about a full Liquid soup that has the vegetables and the chicken for this stage and I prepared this as I show you in the video. Here is the video to show you the Iced Tea Herbal tea lollies and Kefir, Ayran and Greek-style yoghurt and Cottage cheese.

But then I wanted to know that I could enjoy something else so this is where I discovered Kefir and Ayran Yogurt type drinks that are packed with Goodness and have a soothing effect on the digestive system and help with Acid reflux. So I felt at least now I have the variety to feel that this stage is going to be a success and I can manage this.

I suppose the biggest problem is that we feel we are in the habit of enjoying a variety of food and this is going to be awful as how on earth can I just stick to this plan of just Liquids for 2 weeks, At least Puree and Mushy have a better variety.

You will see! Honestly, there is no hunger and you are eating to heal the stomach and provide your body with nutrients to give you the healthiest chance of recovery.
Very soon you will be introducing foods that are healthy and packed with flavour that will help you on your weight loss journey to success.

Anne-Marie Canny

Just a fellow sleever trying to share my journey to make yours easier.